What Now?

Many of us are confused. We have a president that surprisingly won. Some of us are torn between acceptance and outright denial. There were things said by the president elect that were questionable at best and it worries certain Americans, but what do we do as Christ-followers? As Christians, we have a duty to hold people to the flame and call out a problem when we see it. Regardless of who won the election, we need to be ready to hold the winner accountable. Whether email problems and questionable financing or sexist and racist comments, we need to be brave enough to speak truth. We commonly feel afraid to do that. We tend to act as if loyalty to a party or nation is more important than virtue or character.  That’s a major problem of our culture today. Loyalty exists without virtue and character.

Loyalty is great, but by itself, it becomes blind and misled. One country in recent history that fell for that kind of loyalty was Nazi Germany. When Adolf Hitler came on the scene, he captivated his audience and they were loyal to him above anything else. Asking questions and challenging wrong was discouraged. If someone refused to honor what the country stood for or support its military, they were at best ridiculed if they were lucky. At worst, it will lead to mass bloodshed.

We are not exactly like Germany was in it’s darkest hour, but we could learn from their mistakes. The up and coming president will make decisions and definitely make mistakes. If we hold our leaders accountable with character and virtue, we can show any country light, truth, hope, and a way to love their fellow man. It is up to us to look at the parties and candidates and, while we may or may not have voted for him, say what Christ has to say to the culture today. There are times when Jesus will sound democrat and then republican, conservative and then liberal. Jesus never really aligned himself with one side or the other. Instead, he called us to align ourselves with Him. In the end, our voice has to sound Christ like. We are not call to be Clinton-like or Trump-like. This means we are to be open to confront as well as resonate.

In Samuel 12, Nathan, a prophet, confronted King David. David was leading a major military campaign against a group terrorizing the Israelites and was a national hero. This was also a time where anyone approaching a king and challenging his actions would have been killed by the king’s right hand men. I’m sure whoever was guarding David at the moment was thinking, “How dare this low life speak up like that. We should be behind him all the way. Go Israel.” Nathan was brave enough to stand up to a very powerful leader. At the risk of being killed on the spot, he stood up to the powers that be and said what God was saying in that moment.

Although, we have come a long way from beheadings, we still need bravery. We need to be brave enough to look at current politicians and say that certain things are not right. Today, we see so much rhetoric demonizing ethnicities, promoting war as good, and distracting everyone from taking important steps to deliver hope to the communities we live in. Don’t be tricked into being their pets. Speak up against injustice and oppression against the weak. Point out greed. Call the love of violence evil like it really is. Let the country you are in know that you are not afraid and will deliver hope to those who need it and stand against those who want to through others into fear.