Jesus Centered Politics

Jesus is the center for all things a Christian should do. The problem with that is our records of what he said and did are around two thousand years old. People don’t talk or exist like they did back then. It then becomes easy to look at a verse and just use today to interpret something from a long time ago. 

The issue with that is that we put our own meaning into the Bible when the Bible is supposed to put its meaning into us. The remedy is to find out what Jesus is actually saying through the Bible. In a political season, this will make us look at politics with a new perspective and maybe some surprises too. There are a few things we can do when we look at the Bible that can achieve this:

  1. Pray: praying for God to open our hearts and our minds to His desires and not just ours.
  2. Be Humble: we need to realize that humans make big mistakes, even when many humans think the mistake is the right thing.
  3. Research: look into what was just read and find legitimate scholars along with views that differ from your own.

Back when Jesus was alive, religious leaders thought if someone had a chronic illness, they were being punished for sins they or their ancestors committed. There are many passages that reflect this, but every time this came up Jesus would correct the belief. We have the same problem. There are potentially terrible mistakes in our theology that Jesus wants to correct in order to make us more loving like him. If we practice letting him speak into our lives instead of us trying to control him, we will become more and more like him…

Even in the way we talk about politics.