Party Lines

Humans have tendency to draw lines when it comes to other humans. All throughout history we have made tribes, created enemies, and even been led to violence because lines were drawn. We have issues, and it becomes very clear when we have elections. The lines are drawn to point out who is right and who is wrong, but never with any good reasons. If you pay attention, all sides have claims to what makes them the right choice at the expense of making the other person evil, whether they are evil or not. The definition of good and evil becomes about whose side you are on and not about your character. 

We have done this before. We can look at the Civil War in America (or many other wars) as an example of positioning our side as right and their side as wrong. Although elections have not evolved into firing live rounds at the opponent, our words are powerful enough. They destroy relationships.

There is a way away from this. Peace is attainable and we can erase those lines. Disagreement does not have to destroy relationships. One of the darkest times of our days was apartheid in South Africa. There was a very strong separation of the whites and blacks in that country for a long time. That status quo was so strong that acts of violence were committed to defend it. When Nelson Mandela came into power, everyone was worried about retaliation due the history of violence and oppression by whites, but an amazing thing happened. Mandela, with the help of other great leaders like Bishop Desmond Tutu, organized the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Instead of going after the people who had caused problems, he allowed them to participate by giving confessions in exchange for forgiveness. All you had to do was confess your crimes and all was settled. It took so much grace and love for everyone to get through it, but the country was better and stronger for it.

We all need our Truth and Reconciliation moments. How many of us have started little civil wars with friends and family because of differences over politics or something else? Who do you need to sit down with to confess wrong doing and set new expectations for a better future? Do that today. Jesus once said, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” (John‬ ‭13:35‬ ‭NLT‬‬) As a Christian, you can have a God that is greater than any president or congress person. He has ruled his people for over 2000. America is not even 300 years old. You have access to a God who can give you peace with your neighbor and give you a confidence that the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Socialists cannot. 

Take advantage of that gift. It is the only gift that will be eternal.