I’ll vote when…

If I vote:

I’ll vote for someone who shows confidence in their beliefs, but who is also open to other opinions. They should be bold, but also should practice servanthood in the purest sense. They should appeal to our better selves and not our fears and insecurities. They should be focused on making lives better and not just protecting national interest. They should reflect Jesus, even if they do not verbally reference him. If I see that they do or say things that are opposed to the basics of decency God made us for, I cannot in good conscience vote for them. Dogma will not be the criteria factored in my voting. 

A step towards the will of God will determine my vote, unless no candidate moves us in that direction. In that case, I cannot in good conscience vote because that would be a vote for evil. My vote must reflect the will of God for peace and less violence, love and less hate, compassion and less greed. Vote your conscience. Vote with God’s hands and not your own.