Love: Kindness

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is expressed as kindness. Have you ever wondered why being kind was so important or why we practice it as believers. There actually not a logical place for it. Kindness is something that could hurt you in a fallen world and should be distributed with utmost caution. Christianity teaches otherwise. Our kindness is very open and even unexpected at times

Jonathan’s kindness to David (1 Samuel 20:1-23) was an unexpected kindness. Jonathan was the son of King Saul and was expected to be the next King of Israel, but God had decided David should be anointed for the position after Saul died. Saul wanted his family to reign over Israel, which led him to  go after David in order to kill him. Jonathan, however, decided to be kind to David. This made no sense to Saul and many others who thought Jonathan was going to and should be king. It was at these moments that Jonathan was being most like Jesus.

Love that is of God will choose kindness despite what everyone expects. Jesus always practiced this kind of love. Everyone expected Him to kick the foreigners out of Israel and lay down the (Mosaic) law. The problem was that Jesus was laying down a law of love on our hearts. He wanted everyone, even the foreigner to accept him.

Here are a few points based on Jesus to help understand what kindness is…

…Evidence of love – people are very smart and can see if you love them

…Builds love – when people see your love, they will be drawn to that

…Recognizes worth – lack of kindness/love tells people the have no worth

God made us to show kindness and to give kindness with other believers and with unbelievers. One run through one Gospel will show you a Christ who practiced this kindness. When God told us to love, He was including kindness. Christians have been saying that they love others through Christ, but kindness has been absent for far too long in some circles. Our calling is to show kindness, recognize worth, and love people into the kingdom.