July 4th (America and the Church)

I wanted to post on this again, since today is the Fourth of July. I struggle with the idea that America is the nation of God. It doesn’t seems to make much sense to me. I have been looking at references to the Kingdom of God/Heaven in the New Testament and there are a few things that stand in the way of calling this nation the Nation of God.

1) America wasn’t around during the time that the Scriptures were written. If Jesus was representing the Kingdom of God, Heaven (which is defined as the place where God dwells), and America had not been born, then it would have to mean that there these two are not parallels. The events leading to America started much later in world history. Jesus also was speaking to the only political entity to ever be given such a title, which was Israel. The title has changed, since Israel is not necessarily the nation of God. That title has fallen to the Church, which has opened the membership to everyone across nations, kinships, races, etc. God has merely allowed America to gain much, but the frightening question is why He has done so.

2) The Kingdom in the times referred to in the Bible is ruled by God. There is nothing in the founding documents, or in current American law that gives God the ruling of President of the USA (God can actually only be totalitarian since His rule is conditioned on the complete obedience of those under him).

3) The Prophets, Jesus, and the writers of the letters continually mention or reference the kingdom coming. If the Church has fulfilled the messianic hope of the new kingdom, then it must follow that America can fall in line and recognize our commissioning by God (my apologies to the Republican platform). Although I am American, I must say that when it come to representing either this country or the nation of God, I choose God.

This is not a post of rebellion, but of perspective. I do not condone anyone seeking to use God as an excuse to defy what is not evil in itself. God has told us that governments are meant to promote order and peace (though they fail, and that is the exception) in Romans 13. Although it is assuming the correct actions of the governing, it still stands as a testament against fulfilling your selfish desire for anarchy or pointless liberation.

In Revelation 21:24, John shows us that God is not about destroying the nations, but having them follow him (and that would mean one world government ordained by God, to the ones who think one world government is evil). Also in 22:1-7 states that the end times are a time of healing the nations, which means that we should be about healing the nation with what we have to offer. If a nation is being heavily taxed, lets offer advice of mercy. When it is oppressing, let’s bring words of challenge. When the people are violent against their rulers, let’s offer creative consequences that teach and do not kill. And remember…

The Church, not America, is the Nation of God,

and the Church will see vindication and glory, not America.

So go out and live what the Gospel teaches to the world. I hope we see many great things in these end times (which, to clarify, has been the last 2000 years, give or take).

Grace and Peace.

2 thoughts on “July 4th (America and the Church)

  1. At the time the Bible was rewritten in English a nation and a tribe were the same thing. Think of the Navajo nation or the Cherokee nation. Also religions were tribal, each tribe had their own gods and their own way of worship. This is reflected in the solar and lunar calendars of Islam, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and paganism. The quarter days (solsctices and equinoxes) the solar calendar are more important for agricultural tribes, the moon days (approx halway between the quarter days) were more significan to hunters and herders.

    It makes no sense now but it was very logical over 1000 years ago.

    The nation of god then is the church’s way of trying to establish a super tribe of Christianity . This worked quite well when the Roman Catholic Church held sway in western Europe and the Orthodox Chuch in the east. In the fragmented Christianity that followed the Protestant Reformation it is a pipe dream at best.

    Blakes Heaven

    • You bring up some excellent points. Not many bring up solar and lunar calendars. Kudos.

      I do want to see more on the tribal idea. You are right about kinship being powerful, but by the time the Christian Bible was translated (not rewritten) into English, tribal realities were not as strong as they were before 300 AD, which is the latest acceptable date of the last book of the Christian Bible (I would personally argue for 100 AD). Also, you should study the nation of God as a Jewish idea rather than a Christian idea at it’s core. The idea is then modified as the early churched progressed in Paul’s day.

      I think some of your information actually shows how Greek and Roman thought has been a divergence from Hebraic thought.

      Just some ideas for you to explore.

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