Who Is God?

God is an individual entity and cannot be defined completely by humanity. He defines himself. According to the previous post, this defines what God is because it is what God has revealed to us. The greater question this poses is what is this God like or who is God? Since we are assuming the Christian belief that God is not a bliss experience or that He is the universe, it must follow that God has characteristics. 

Humans are very familiar with characteristics. Think of your friends and family. If we were to talk about each one, you could go into great detail about their characteristics, even the annoying ones. Through the long history of man being approached by God, we have begun to notice things about this God. Every character back to Adam has had some inclination about God’s characteristics. The Bible is full of moments where the writers have described God with characteristics. It’s true that God is other and in some cannot be known by our attempts at describing God. However, we see God continually revealing Himself to the world. People like Moses, David, and Paul have applied their best descriptions in order to give us a picture of who God is.

One of the most prominent descriptors of God is that He is love. Even in John 1 we find that Christ, who is love, is one with the Father, who is love. This leads to a whole list of other characteristics that we see reflected in 1 Corinthians 13: patient, kind, forgiving, selfless, seeks for justice, faithful, hopeful. To people who are not Christians, I have no idea what characteristics you apply to God. So far for me, the God found in Jesus is one I could follow forever. To fellow believers, we need to seek this God again.  We need the God who patiently applies grace to all through the cross of kindness, forgiveness, and selflessness. We need the God who seeks justice, is faithful to all of creation, and hopes beyond even reasonable hope that we will enter His presence with joy. 

Just like we mentioned in the last post, this is a God we cannot define. Why would we? We are a very violent and vindictive species bent on greed, power, and luxuries that have been taken through oppression. I would hope that we would never try to define God. It’s just bad PR for Him and He knows it. God has to be allowed to come to us just as He is. If we allow this God to reveal Himself, we will begin to see His love for us. If we begin to fear what He is, then through His self-revelation, the fear will melt away due to His love. Him loving us is the great delaration, “FEAR NOT!” Whenever we think of the God described in the Bible, we must remember that the writers found a God that that brought a love that was fearless and brought a better world in the end. Even in their context of violence and fear, God’s way seemed to be a better path. If you are looking for a way to create a better or to find force for good in the world, this God described in the Bible is always challenging the world with something better for all those who want to follow Him.