Knowing God vs. Knowing Blessings

One of the major themes of Scripture and Christianity is blessing. The Bible is filled with passages that ask God for blessings. It can be a good thing when viewed in the proper Biblical lens. However, it can become a snare for people when blessing from God becomes the focus over and against knowing God.

There is a popular pastor that preaches these days. He is very heavy in the idea that God just gives blessings and that everything is going to be okay. There seems to be much grace in that idea, but it lacks the truth that bad things happen to good people.

There is also a section of Christianity that seems to promote the idea that if you have enough faith, blessings will come your way. There seems to be much truth in this statement, but no grace. The gracious reality is that blessings are not actually direct consequences of Godly living. Bad things happen. That is part of being in a broken world.

In Exodus 33, we have the most gracious and honest vision of God. At the beginning of the chapter, God is angry. He remembers how rebellious they were at Sinai and He lets them know it. Israel is scared. Who can even survive in the hands of an angry God. But then God listens to Moses’ pleas for mercy.

And He says yes to mercy.

And to prove it, he personally comes to Moses in all His glory and protects Him, which meant that he would do the same to His people. He would exist with them and yet protect them from destruction.

Israel didn’t deserve that, and yet, they got that blessing.

The only thing to after receiving blessings like that is to live in worship to that God.

We do not live thinking that everything is okay despite what we have done. We also do not live trying to earn the favor of God. We already have that great blessing in Christ. The only thing we can do is to come closer to the one who has blessed us.