Jack-O-Lantern Shakedown (Halloween)

Halloween is today and, that’s right, the Christians are hard at work again. We cannot figure out if this is an appropriate holiday. In the mix are voices about pagan holidays, Christian holidays, scary movies, and trying to keep holy with the name “fall festival.”

And with that, let’s pause.

Take a deep breath.

Take another.

And let’s look at the history of this really confusing holiday.

I do not have official sources, but I do prefer a couple blog postings:

One is by an up and coming Doctoral student who I had the pleasure of attending church with at Seminary. His name is Michael Halcomb. He does seem a little more abrupt in challenging others to be accepting of Christian participation in Haloween. But he does bring a mix of thought and history into the argument.

The other is by Dr. Ben Witherington. A highly respected author and an excellent Biblical Scholar in the New Testament field. He seems a little more subtle about the point first, but he does eventually say that he thinks Christians should be more historically grounded in their critique of Halloween. An easy read that still explores history and still pulls some points that are not easily ignored.

So what do you think.

This holiday has gone from All Hallows Eve to Halloween.

From remembering saints, martyrs, and the dead to pretending to be Ghosts, Witches, and Freddy Kreugers, this holidays has been a hot bed for the church for a long time.

I say that the two bloggers I have mentioned are right. Let’s truly look at the actual holiday, even if you still disagree or begin to agree with participating with it in the end.

Grace and peace to you all.