Symbols: Anchor and Cross


We are in a series about the symbols of the early church and what those symbols show us about how people of faith should live today. Today we are looking at the symbol of an anchor that also resembles a cross. The reason for picking this symbol of an anchor was probably an obvious one. It had the shape of the cross which was a very integral to the story of Christianity. Having this symbol reminded them of everything that the cross meant and showed them the path that they were meant to follow.

The verse the could be the basis for this symbol is Hebrews 6:19. The context for the verse has to do with covenant God has made with humanity. This chapter talks about through Jesus acts of the cross and the resurrection. It talks about God making a covenant with us. It describes it like an anchor which holds us steady and as a reality which brings us into the presence of God. This early group of believers needed an anchor to hold them steady. The Church was early, growing, and there was some fear that they were on very shaky ground in the world. When we read the book of Acts, we see that the church needed something firm and even supernatural to keep them going. They needed something bigger than big and that they could dive deeply into.

One of the most important things to people of the Early Church was the Presence of God. To them that was everything. It meant peace, hope, and purpose. It was part of what they were trying to bring to the world. What they also saw was that to bring the presence of God, you to always seek to be in the presence of God. The orientation towards God was the only to ensure that the infiltration of God’s Kingdom was possible. That is why they met together as much as possible. They saw that in community, they could see a bit of what God had planned for them. They never gave up seeking God’s presence in community at all times.

The question this raises is what are we doing to dwell in God’s presence? Also, what are we doing to bring that grounded presence to other people? Are we seeking peace, love and faith? Are we leaving this presence with everyone we come in contact with? The presence is crucial to our existence and knowing what we need to do. At the risk of angering some believers, I would say this presence with God is more crucial than even reading a Bible. In the end, The presence of God found in Jesus and brought to us through the Holy Spirit is what sustains us. Even though we can read our Bibles, go to worship, or read devotionals, we cannot be grounded without seeking God’s presence. We cannot survive without His presence. Whatever you do to grow spiritually, always create a space where you are aware of God’s presence with you. It can be in your individual times of growth or in a community of worship.


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  1. Russell, you are right that you may anger some other believers in regard to your comment about the Presence of God being more important than even reading the Word. I’m amazed that many do not consider this to be God’s desire, that we dwell in His Presence, instead of just reading about Him. There are those in our faith who have Abraham faith, and those who have Lot faith.

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