Heroic: 2 Kings 14:23-29

One of the strangest passages that probably is the hardest for Christians to by is this one. Jeroboam II, an evil king, is used by God to rescue Israel. He takes back territory for Israel because God notices their suffering and is willing to use this king to rescue His people. It’s so strange to be in the service

Most people would be taken back by this idea. A person who is in defiance is the one that God uses. It seems so strange that the God who is supremely holy would make use of someone who would go against that. Why would he use someone so opposed to Him? This seems to contradict the notion of God we are used to. God is supposed to use believers for the purposes of the kingdom, but this passage teaches us that God will uses even the worst people to leverage things for good.

The truth is that God uses whomever fits for His purposes. Jesus said that the rain falls on the righteous and the unrighteous. Which is always unnerving. We all feel safe with a God that will simply bless those who try to get His favor, but a God who is willing to use someone not on His side is either a God with mental issues or a God of severe grace. What we have learned through all of History is that God is about grace. He will do anything to get people in on His plans. If you are trying to be a hero in the Christian sense, you have to understand that God wants inclusion and directing people towards Jesus. If we can swallow our pride of righteousness, we will begin to see that God can will use us to reach everyone, even the worst people. The question is are we willing to do what God is willing to do.