Heroic: 2 Kings 14:1-22

When a movement gains momentum, it becomes susceptible to mistakes, corruption, and even ill placed zealous acts. Enter Amaziah, a king was not a completely evil King. He followed some key points of the law, which included limiting himself on putting people to death, something many other Kings would not have done. He was a pretty good as far as most kings go, especially considering some of the other kings that

However, when it came to the pesky Northern Kingdom of Israel, he was a little greedy and cocky. He went to attack the northern kingdom of Israel. King Jehoash must have known something that Amaziah did not because he asked Amaziah not to attack or he would be defeated. Amaziah refused to listen and was defeated and carted off as a prisoner. Have you ever seen leaders like that? They are not known as bad people. They even get most things in their lives right. They love their families, follow all the church rules, and maybe are even memorized most of the Bible. However, when it comes to being leaders, they tend to veer of the path of faith, hope, and love. They tend to attack people in disagreement and coerce others into doing things their way. In the end, what happens is they end up inadvertently destroying the things they love. Amazaiah lost his throne for a period of time and had to watch part of Jerusalem’s infrastructure get torn down. This is not what Amaziah wanted to be remembered for. He wanted to be the great warrior who got Israel back under the rule of Jerusalem. He was willing to do whatever it took to get that, even go to war.

In the end, Amaziah is killed because of his misplaced zeal and His son is crowned King. The son Uzziah has to rebuild the parts of the city that were destroyed in the conflict between Amaziah and Jehoash. That the worst part about these kind of conflicts, the younger generation has to come in and pick up the pieces. The history of the Christian Church is a prime example. In our history, we have been known to burn people who said things that were a little off the beaten path of orthodoxy and even made war with kingdoms who were not of the same persuasion as we were. There are many non-Christian people who look at this history and are convinced that religion is bad for humanity due to the many evil things that it has done. Though we could talk all day about how imperfect people are responsible for making God’s Church look bad, those people only see the evil done and are convinced that it is bad news to be in a community of faith. There are many other examples of this, but the theme is the same. Those who came before carve the path for the future, whether good or bad.

Despite the zealous intentions by some, a little pride can blind us to God’s will and leave those who come after us to pick up the pieces. It can make it not only hard for those who come after us to have faith, it also make it hard for them to have faith at all. We have to ask what kind of future we will be creating for our community of faith. Are we going to make it hard for people to live by faith or are we going to be a catalyst for faith.