Heroic: 2 Kings 12:1-19

One of the touchiest subjects with people is their money. Believe me, I work at a bank. Whenever you tell people that they are going to lose their money or that they have to give away their money, they take a defensive stance and try to protect their assets. For many reasons, money is one of the hardest things to let go of. It requires faith and trust that God truly does provide things and can rescue. In this story, Joash was made king at a very young age and was practically raised by the priest named Jehoida. Joash had developed a keen sense that God was worthy of worship and had given them a unique opportunity to participate in God’s work.

To set the context, the Temple needed funds. The way it sounds, it was getting a little run down. To modernize the situation, imagine being at a church with no A/C, no microphones. To make it worse, imagine the congregation averaging 500 attenders and only one outhouse instead of a bathroom with plumbing. It was getting outdated, rundown, and uncomfortable. Some things had to change. What makes it worse is that the funds were going to the workers only. No funds for repairs and updates at all.

It’s at this moment, Joash orders funds for the temple which should have been collected for that purpose anyways. Joash seemed shocked that there is something wrong when people have an opportunity to take part in something that God could do. This was the place where God shared community with His people, the place where people found hope, rescue, and joy. Everyone who had the opportunity to take part in God’s great plan was being avoided. Of course, there had been famine and problems with war and destruction. So the Temple still went unprepared. Joash then confront Jehoida. Where was the man who raised Joash to join with God’s plans to experience the heroism that God leads us too.

Joash finally convinces Jehoida to set funds aside. Sometimes it takes a little push from from someone who has understood that to be a part of God’s plan is the best way to see beauty, hope, and love come out in the world. Looking at God’s track record, we see that his main goal is to create moments of hope and love. The Temple was the center of that for the people of Israel.

The great thing about Joash is that he showed everyone the value of using our resources for what the kingdom needs and not just ourselves. In our faith, we have to find those things that promote faith, hope, creativity, and heroism. We have an opportunity to help people maximize their faith by showing them that God’s plan is to change the world for the better. We have been invited to take part in a mission to change the world. The question is will we allow ourselves to join in? Will we lead others in that directions? Are we up for God’s invitations of adventures in faith?