Heroic: 2 Kings 8:28-9:37

Have you ever had a moment where doing something would change everything around but would put you in some sort of danger? Would you take the risks or take a safer route? These situations happen everyday to people all across the world. For Christians this takes many different forms. Everything from martyrdom under forces hostile to Christianity to people within Churches unwilling to support changes even if they protected the future of your community can endanger a hero of the faith. The unfortunate thing about some people who claim to be Christian is that we assume that God will always give us a safe life with no trouble. That is not the case. Our faith will occasionally call for sacrifice and struggle, especially when God is making you a catalyst for change.

This story is filled with danger and change. It begins with an intensely dangerous act by one of the prophets under Elisha. When being asked to tell someone who is under a king that he is going to perform a coup de taut, the important question is if this guy will still be loyal to the king or will there be someone who will hear me and kill me for performing treason. It makes sense for this guy to have to turn tail and run. What does not make sense is the request to still perform the act, but one thing we know from God is that He has created us to be the catalysts for change and actions here on the earth. So it was immensely important for this prophet to go to Jehu and deliver the message.

Imagine what would have happened if this man had started with the running away part. It may have delayed God’s plan. God will still find someone to do His work, but the tough reality is that this man would not have been a part of the great plan to rescue Israel from evil. Jehu’s loyalties might have looked different later on. Since this man acted in faithfulness to God, he got to help start something profound and salvific for Israel. Although we do not take part in violence as Christians, the same concept of obedience is crucial for believers acting as heroes of faith.

When we listen to God and obey Him, we initiate profound changes and can even create movements of faith that create better lives for others. Have you ever dreamed that you could be an important figure in a movement that would be remembered for thousands of years. The good news is that we have that chance. God is offering us a place in His giant mosaic. It is a piece of art that has spanned for thousands of years and is finding new ways to express itself every day. The question is will we allow God to use us. How are you listening to God? Are you willing to act as His ambassador in even the most dangerous situation?

We have to be willing to carry on God’s plan. Even though its true that God will find a way to make His plan work, it is tragic to not take part in the plan. We have been offered a way out of a plan that we started but is not working out. His plan not only gives us a way towards a better future, but a sense of purpose. His plan is about salvation, help, serving others, and even taking dangerous risks when needed.

And even if the highest danger, which is death, comes to us, we are promised that it is not final and that resurrections will come.