Heroic: 2 Kings 8:1-6

The Bible is full of story tellers, people who think that what has been experienced is worth sharing with someone else. In this passage, Gehazi is telling the King of Israel the story of Elisha raising the son of a widow from the dead. He thought it was worthwhile to tell of experiencing the goodness of God spreads to others. And at that moment, the woman shows up.  She originally left the country because of the advice Elisha gave about the famine that came. Her experience of God because of Elisha is one testimony after another that God is faithful. Such testimony is hard to deny because of people saying that they saw a movement that freed them from some terrible fate. It’s these stories that we here that remind us that not everything is up to chance and that some events are not just natural. They are divine moments that defy the notion of fate. It’s the moments that God uses to come into our space and use us to create a good reality, even in the midst of a tragic one.

These stories create influence. When we hear stories like these, it taps into part of us. We wish that we could be a part of these stories. If we could only be given the chance to jump into one of the character’s shoes, we would get to experience something supernatural and wonderful. The King of Israel was in this position. Gehazi must have told other stories that left the King on the edge of his seat. This story of the woman was just what the King needed to immediately take part in the story. This King decides to let the story that God started move through him and make something great happen to this woman.

When was the last time you heard a story like that? There are many stories out there of people doing great things that defy all odds and make the world better place to live. When we hear of Christians in our history that have done these things, many people ask themselves why they could not be a part of that story. It’s easy to believe that God ended a great thing with those people and that we cannot continue the story. This is not true. The truth is that we are always thrown into the same story. Neither the King nor Gehazi expected the widow and her son to walk into the room, bringing opportunity with them. This allowed for the story to continue. Its proof that God’s story of redemption began from day one of the fall and was completed in the resurrection of Christ. Even today, the mission to bring people into the redeemed community is still going on until Christ comes back. Until God returns, we are still in the same story and we are all heroes in this story. This fact makes our interaction in this story very crucial and influential.

God is in the business of making us influencers in our communities since He has made us heroes in his story. He has plans for us to make a difference. We have to be like Gehazi and tell of the great things God is doing through His people. We also have to be like the King and take advantage of any and every opportunity to be the hero that God would want in His story. When we buy into the story God has for us, we will see the kind of world where headings happen. We will be able to participate in those stories and contribute in our own special way.