Hero: 2 Kings 4:18-37

Last week we talked about the Shumenite women being blessed by God with a son. This week we take a look at the continuation of that story. When we think of having children, most of think of positive words like joy, love, and thankfulness. It’s a great thing to have kids and if you are guided by God to be married, then having kids can be one of the blessings in life. If you have already experienced this, you know what that feeling is like. You also probably know how devastating it would be to lose a child. This women experiences this loss and immediately is demanding an explanation from Elisha, which is completely understandable. Elisha was prompted by God to promise a son to this woman. Now that the son is dead, the woman feels betrayed. Why would God reward her act of heroic faith with death?

This question is not limited to parents. Great heroes of faith of any type experience trouble everyday. Some even have things great for awhile and then lose everything. Some of the most blessed believers in the world have watched all that they owned slip from their fingers and go down the drain. It’s enough to make you question God’s plans for you. It’s that moment where you know you should trust God because you know that He is good, but you also have seen life experiences that have made question God’s goodness. Some of you may have even turned away from the faith and said that God is not to be trusted at all.

The woman turns to a man of God for some explanation. Have you ever turned to God like that? Have you ever asked God what He was doing since life was not making any sense for you? Have you ever been able to look to a body of believers for help rectifying the idea of a loving God when something tragic happens? When tragedy strikes it is alright to turn to God and ask questions. In the Psalms, we see again and again that the writers would question God’s commitment to His covenant with Israel because it looked like they were on the brink of destruction. It was not a sign of a lack of faith, but a sign of utmost belief that God made covenant with them. They could not believe that God would just abandon them, so they could not help but cry out. They would even cry out to their fellow believers, as we see in Job, for explanation. God has mercy on those who are in the midst of tragedy and question Him. It’s turns out that it is important to rest on God and our brothers and sisters of faith when we struggle.

Elisha shows what a response of faith is like. He immediately has the response, “Let’s move.” He is not wasting time exercising his faith. Elisha starts by sending his servant, which does not work. So he starts towards the woman’s house to do act on this himself. We might not know if God will change things if we move, but if we do not move, we will never experience God’s moving life’s obstacles away. Movement towards the needs of people is what cause us to see God’s miracles. When tragedy strikes, it gives us opportunity to be heroes to the people who have been heroes before. We all are being used by God to speak peace and love and healing into each other. We have to remember that doing something to curb evil in the world does not always work the first time. Sometimes you have to reassess the right move. Other times you have to find another person to help. Whatever the case, we cannot give up on God’s mission for humanity.

Elisha performed really weird actions when performing this miracle. Laying on someone to do a healing these days would get you labeled weird and possibly creepy. But Elisha does it and something begins to happen. God will continually use us to confront bad situations, but they will not always be ways that are proven theories or make sense to us. We have to be open to the strange way that God interacts with the world. But when we do the things He asks us to do, we will see the miracles start. We will begin being a hero and will watch fortresses that seem indestructible crumble to the ground like a house of cards. In the end, the boy is healed and returns to his mother. This was more than have a son come back to life, but a sign that God was caring for that family and keeping them from not having a way to survive, which is what having a male child meant back then.

This story is a response to the events that we cannot explain and leave God’s plan looking like a farce. God’s plan is one of resurrection. The boy was raised in this store and the promise of life and provision was upheld by God. When we see how the resurrection applies to us, we see that we identify with Jesus. Since we have been adopted by God, we are destined to be raised. If we live the heroism that God is calling us to, we will see not only the miracles of today, but the one of tomorrow. When God returns, no more death, war, injury, slander, injustice, lies, conspiracy, or any other evil thing will be allowed on the earth. God will recreate everything, even us. We will be walking miracles and will experience what it means to be completely heroic.