Heroic: 2 Kings 4:1-7

We all will experience a day or time that seems defined by desperation. They are days where the universe seems to be against you, time is leaving you behind, and there are not many around to help. Desperation is a very emotionally driven time of uncertainty. You feel lost and hopeless. Desperation does not have to be the end of the story, though. God has an amazing ability to turn stories upside down. He wants us all to be heroes who share in His story. What that means for our desperate situations is that he wants to answer us in those moments and empower us to do a great work for other people in the same situations.

In our story, a woman in desperation comes to Elisha for help. It was pretty standard by that time to expect good things from God when you approached Elisha. That, however, where normalcy ends in this story. Elisha decides to ask the equivalent asking a low income family how much food they have. If that was not enough, Elisha gives woman a peculiar way to handle the situation. This is a strange moment and the woman had to have been perplexed about why she was asking for huge jars when all she had was a small flask. The woman gives it a chance, because she has nothing to lose. As a result, she avoids a bad situation that could have costed her financial freed and possibly her life. When the story ends, the God has acted through an individual to redeem another individual’s hopeless situation.

Elisha acted out what most of the world expects from a movement based on the word Love. When people know we are followers, they know that are suppose to be generous. We are a faith that tries to use the word love, so it should be no surprise that kindness, generosity, solidarity, and goodwill to others are major elements that other people look for us. When the Bible describes being a hero of faith, it is very clear that both love and faith coexist. This creates peculiar moments. If you have ever seen a moment of desperation and saw the people of faith come in to rescue others, you know that there is a weird element there. Something stirs up in us. We are not used to it happening because we do not practice it, but we know that it is supposed to happen this way. That is the Spirit of God stirring up the inner desire that God placed in you. He wants you to create a moment of peculiarity where you step out of your normal routine and help someone who is outside of your comfort zone. We dive face first into moments where God’s love, no matter how it feels, is the primary expression.

Faith does not create efforts of blindness, where we take the illogical route of action. But it does create a space for possibility. It creates a space where we as a people can trust our God to take us to places where we can be of greatest in influence. It creates a faith that will take us into the unknown. These are the places that the normal people will think are off limits or foolish. A hero of faith, however, understands that it is necessary to lift people up and glorify God. We may be different and experience something that others might define as peculiar, but we are in the midst of the movement. Movement fueled by a passion, especially passion given to us by God, is a freight train running at top speed. If we utilize the movement that God has made us a part of in that way, we will be unstoppable and will become the heroes that God meant for us to be.