Heroic: 2 Kings 3:26-27

After Elisha gave the blessing to attack Moab, the three Kings go and attack Moab with God’s blessing. They do great and almost have them, but they end up having leaving because the people are made so angry that there is no way of handling them. The King of Moab took desperate actions to rally the people against the advances of God’s people. So the Israelites went home. They gave up.

Have you ever tried a ministry that failed. It’s the strangest feeling as you begin to ask why God did not just jump into the moment and zap everyone against you. All that emotions of confusion, anger, sadness, disappointment, and all the other feelings jump on you and you questions for at least a brief moment if you are able to do this life of faith. It’s never easy to deal with failure, but failure is definitely a part of our experience. But why? Why does the almighty God allow it? Why are we not always successful.

Failure is part of brokenness. If you go back to previous posts, you will notice that I made the point that failure is the great teacher of we allow God into the moment. For some of us, however, that is not enough. We need success. But failure is part of the reality that the evil world still has strong points in our reality. God, in His effort to make us heroes, has His people interacting with that reality. We must remember that because of that, we are in conflict with forces that want God to fail and want us to fail as a result of that desire.

And sometimes, they win. They rally the troops bigger than we can handle.

At that moment we realize that we have to take a step back and revisit our plans and strategies. There are many things that cause the failure, so we need retreat to reassess. One peculiar element of this story is that the people of God here are the same people who had God deliver them from Egypt and brought them into the land of Israel. It’s interesting that pagan worship defeats them and they do not consult God to see what the next move is. We are capable of the exact same thing. We charge into Christian work without consulting God for guidance and expect complete success every time. The problem with that is that even with consulting God, success as we define it is never guaranteed. What makes us think that true success as God defines it is possible without prayer and guidance? How many churches have made a program or building plan without really asking God if this is really good for the future of the church? Too many.

We must be certain that our focus in Christian activity is God’s plan for us. I don’t mean does God want this specific job for me or if I am supposed to do this one particular action. I mean that when we take that job or do that action, are we aware of God being present in that moment and doing things? We have to be aware that God is on a mission and continually wants us to join Him. If we make it our personal mission and try to take over, things will eventually go bad for us. We must let the mission be God’s mission.

We are not the King. We are servants.

We are not the Boss. We are the trainees.

We are not the Father. We are the adopted sons.


One thought on “Heroic: 2 Kings 3:26-27

  1. Amen Brother! In our eagerness, must slow down and make sure that what we are doing is God ordained. We must also realize that God may allow failure because perhaps there are some steps we missed in the process. Then in our broken humble moments we clearly hear His voice and go forth in His commands. I really enjoyed this post. Thank you! Be Blessed.

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