Vision of Abraham: Trust

In the last post, we explored finding God’s vision because that vision is better. Today, let’s look at Genesis 12:1-6. Abraham (called Abram early in his story) has it all. Family, stability, the perfect financial setup, and all the possessions he needed to make life work. He has no reason to leave the things that are working out for him. God, however, has bigger dreams for Abraham. God decides to call him away from all he knew was safe and secure.

Although the story does not say it, I’m sure Abraham had some second thoughts as he loaded his family and possessions. He probably at one point wondered, maybe even hoped, that he was losing his mind. At least he would have an excuse not to leave or maybe someone would have been loving enough to stop him.

Our possessions, jobs, friends, families, along with many other things can keep us from desiring God’s dreams. We might be getting advice about what to do or even be scared of leaving something but of the connection to what or who is there. When God places a dream in us, there are many things that can keep us from truly wanting to hear from God. Becoming a wanderer like Abraham is not a move for the normal person because you have to sacrifice something. The faith it takes most would call abnormal. We Christians would call it supernatural, because it is based on something we can’t see. In case you’re not connecting the dots, faith is basically trust. In Hebrews 11:18 Abraham is said to have been considered righteous because of His faith. Being righteous is covenant language. People who were called this were the types of people who were faithful to the relationships that they promise to keep. Abraham understood that this took trust, and lots of it too. If you do not trust someone, what reason would you have to follow someone’s suggestion to pack up and move to an obscure place. I would probably tell him that he’s crazy.

People we trust on a deep level will suggest things that will bring us goodness. How much better is the direction from God, the one who is absolutely righteous and faithful and has the ultimate birds eye view of what is ahead in life. If we would give up trusting in things of the world (the pursuit of money, power, fame, security) and find God’s guidance we would see a life of deeper wealth in relationships, power that cannot come from force, influence of love, and a life of purpose instead of mediocrity.

I think that all of us want the things that I just described that come from God. When people talk about a want to be what they should be, the things of this world usually are not mentioned. They know they are meant for bigger things. So the question is why not chase those things? If we truly trust God, we have to buy into His way of living, not just in religious settings, but in our families, businesses, going out to restaurants, even going out for a drink with a friend. We have to take what is true in the religious setting and make it powerful in our daily lives. Only then will we be able to find relationships, influence, and purpose.