Assumption Day

The story of Jesus being taken into heaven is found in Mark 16:19-20, Luke 24:50-53, and Acts 1:3-11. When we hear this story, our first thoughts are of orthodoxy. Christ ascended and that is the fact the must be accepted when being a Christians. But where does this intersect with real life? The abstract is fun to talk about because it can be kept out of our lives. When it starts to break in it become a life altering experience.

One historic help is looking at Ancient Near Eastern views on cosmology and heaven. The Bible’s universe is very small compared to the current scientific models. Mountains were known as the pillars of heaven, the sky was a barrier between heaven and earth, and heaven was the dwelling of God and the heavenly deities. So when Jesus gets taken to the higher realm, He is once again having His claims validated and He is being put in the realm of God.

How does that affect us? First, it makes Jesus our true King. If He really is vindicated, then He really must rule our lives. He also has the best way to live. Even His own lifestyle is an example and His teachings a guide for us.

Another important aspect is hope. Hope involves waiting with anticipation. This very much like parents promising Disney Land or a boss verbally promising a raise. The is no real scientific guarantee of the event actually coming, but the certainty of the intangible has been placed in us. Since Christ has promised blessing at His return for those who follow Him, we hope.

Do you live in hope? Are you feeding hope to others? Do you live in faith, hope, and love towards God and others?