Transfiguration Day

Transfiguration Story in Matthew 17:1-9 is a passage that can spark much debate on its meaning. To sum up, Jesus goes to pray on a mountain with Peter the two brothers to pray. Next thing the disciples know, Jesus is talking to Elijah and Moses. Peter, being the usual outburst of a man, starts planning to build a monument for the event. But God says to be silent and to listen.

I think the concept of silence is very important to this story.

How many times do we try to honor God by doing the first thing that comes to mind?

How often does that form of worship become busy work and leave no room for silent reflection?

The main question is how open are we? Peter had the right desire was in the right place. Many people have this same desire today, but so much of the desire is misguided with loud shows, catchy sermons, and ceremonies of feel-good spirituality. God is asking something else. The temptation to raise monuments and celebrate loudly is strong in us. We are a very ritual based species. But God wants an ear. Too much action can lead to an over bearingly noisy culture that drowns out the Holy Spirit.

How many of us are going here and there for this or that event? Busy living can be filled with school, sports, dances, proms, deadlines, overtimes, Church events, and even our own personal hobbies. For Peter, it was even his outspoken religious zeal. God wants us to spend some time away from that. It’s not bad, but cut out a part of your day just to sit in silent prayer. Don’t say anything. Just listen. Maybe Christ has something for you to hear today.

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