Sex and Community

When we think of sex, we have many differing thoughts based on our traditions. Some do not mention it and act like it is a vulgar topic. Some think of it as dirty. Some think that it is free. Some think of it as recreation. There are many views of it, but in this post, we will explore the worldly view of it and the view that the Bible attempts to promote.

Contemporary Western Culture views sex in a few different ways depending on age and circumstance. For the young it is supposed to be controlled since it has led to many unwanted diseases and pregnancies. For kids, it is unmentionable. For adults, it is as you like it. If you want to abstain, go ahead. If you want to have a free for all, you can do that too. One thing that sex never is is a community project with agreed upon rules.

In Genesis 2, we see that woman is made from the rib of man and they work together in the garden. Eventually they have sex and bear two sons, Cain and Abel. It is interesting that Adam says that the woman is bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. This connection that he observes shows us that there is something very important about the sexual connection between a man and a woman when it comes to intimacy and procreation. It shows that they have to be team and together through the entirety of the sexual experiences, even the results of them.

Sex as a symbol of community is about living together and working together with common goals of intimacy and procreation. This does not mean that anyone in a community can go to bed with any other mate, as long as the goal is reached because the goal will not be reached in that way. The goal of intimacy must be reached by acting in loyal intimacy. True intimacy of that nature will say that I will not leave the other if I truly love that person. Sexual aspect is merely an expression of that intimacy. Being open and free with a person in this way takes trust and to break the loyalty is to break that trust. The other aspect is that  this is a form of procreation. The two become a community of producing life together and to go outside of that boundary is to demote sex to not important. It takes all of sexuality, even the results of the sex event, and the responsibility involved and tries to push it all onto the other partner. This is not intimacy, loyalty, or even procreation, because procreation means not only to produce biological life, but to support it until it can support itself. To not respect the procreation element would be to show no value of human survival.

These two things are the driving factors with which we view sex, survival and relationship. These makes it a form of community. This community must be between a man and a woman for procreative purposes, but also must be a system of loyalty and intimacy as its logical end. Such a pursuit would make marriage worthwhile and would keep much of our marriages together. Because, let’s be honest, no one truly wants a marriage to fall apart. It is painful and we all know that something is wrong when marriages break up.

How have you experienced marriage? Do you want a good marriage? Can you commit to a view of marriage based on community and respect for what God has made?