Fasting and Dependence

We depend on food and air for physical survival. To get food, we usually do everything from asking a servant to get it for us, to getting it at the grocery store, to begging for food on the streets. We strive to attain, but where does it truly come from? It can seem that with food, we are gaining our needs by our own strength. Reality, however,says otherwise.

Food is a minimal provider of energy. It is true that hunger is powerful and starvation seems to be problematic in our world. Scientifically speaking, it is a minute source. Yet we tend act like this source of energy that we control provides the most energy.

Air provides the most energy for the human body. Our bodies use the oxygen more than any other fuel we take in any other way. This is why we breathe all day and night as opposed to eating just a few times a day.We may think we have done everything to provide for our survival, but we are actually helpless to control and provide this necessity. Which raises the question, are who is the source of all we need and is there a greater work going on?

In the end, we provide nothing and God provides everything. One way to realize this is to practice Fasting. Although you can fast from many things, the traditional object is food. The reason is that abstaining from this teaches us that faith and trust is needed when following God. Going without trains us to say that I am powerless to truly provide. Jesus said in Matthew 6 that we are not to store up our life treasure with this world, in selfishness and fear, but to allow God to provide the needs and take us to the places that we need to go. This is challenging, which is exactly why fasting is challenging. Trust is never easy for what we do not see, but when we trust God in our lives, we will in the end know His great peace and wholeness.

Are confident in your ability to provide? Can you actually make things appear or grow for your survival? Are you willing to practice spiritual disciplines such as fasting in order to learn trust? Are you willing to let go of pride in order to trust God?



“Here is the place where one man rises and all others die.

The place where all who are with him are lifted high.

Here is the age where paradox is found and life is hidden.

The moment where love is the ground on which stand all who are risen.

Blessed is the one who was, and is, and is to come.”