The Trust of Abraham

Transition can be a difficult process. From the constant moves that makes you switch schools repeatedly to the loss of a job and finding a new career in the process, the changes in life bring us face to face with the uncertainties of life.

Genesis teaches us that Abraham left his home and the familiar. The reason was that God asked him to trust Him. A note about the historical context, Abraham did not know God before the first encounter. As a matter of fact, he probably understood his life in relation to his family’s pagan deities from the Ancient Near East. For Abraham to leave this was lunacy and assumed to be a guarantee of death if he left his family, which was the most readily available survival source.

Abraham’s move should speak wisdom into how we approach change and transition. Most of us exist in comfort zones and it can be challenging, even devastating, when asked to leave it. Some of us value the things and relationships we have in our current place. Though these thing can be great things in life and very good, we can make them an idol standing over us and replacing God.

Make no mistake, some changes are our own doing or some other human. However, there are ways that God is at work. There are two ways that he will work. The first is that He calls you to follow His word as expressed in Jesus. This is the general call if God to all humanity. This is helpful for people going through transition. We can manage many things when walking in the steps of a resurrected King. There is no transition to much for us.

The second form is special calling. This is not always happening and often is for special moments. These times can be the most trying, because they are ones that bring the change no one is expecting. It can guide you to help the orphan, care for the abused widow, move into a lower-income community, or even work a job that is for the lower class troublemakers. It’s at these times that we must remember that we are still called to follow the way of Jesus. In doing that, we see that trusting God is what can help us accept change and even handle it with a sense of Holiness, especially if God is instigating the change.

What changes have you experienced? Are you struggling with it? Do you think that you could trust God to guide you through it?