Thought on Christianity as a Religion

Many people approach the Christian faith differently. It is a very diverse religion that has had many years of growth. Like any family, the family of God has many brothers and sisters that disagree. One thing that is a common thread, however, is the focus that is outside of the self. Our faith is outwardly expressed in reverence to God.

The meaning of Christianity is to glorify God and to reflect Him to others. We have no higher purpose because Christ asked this of us and lived out the example for us (Philippians 2:1-11). This should be the staple diet for Christian living. Without this focus Christianity deteriorates into self-help and self-glorification. That is poison for true Christian living and must never entertain the though of the self being most important.

This means that our life is not a stage for our performance. In John 13, Christ shows us how to live, but also commands imitating it as a form of submission, since we are not higher than Him. This shows us that we do not take center stage and demand the attention from the audience, but we support the hero in the story. We take minor roles and help recreate the story of one whose role we do not fill ourselves. It is Jesus who expresses himself with us and through us as the center of our faith. No one else can do that.

We must take a position behind a spotlight shining away from us and pointing to something that is other than us. That is how Christ is glorified. When we do that we take a position that is not greater than our Master and points other in the direction of the King. This is the a crucial element of Christian of our living and must never be forgotten.

Who are you lifting up, Christ or yourself? Are you seeking Christ as the center or your own life as the center of the Gospel? Are you obeying and imitating the King?