Letter to Mark Driscoll on His Comments About Obama’s 2nd Inauguration

In response to this tweet, “Praying for our president, who today will place his hand on a Bible he does not believe to take an oath to a God he likely does not know” @PastorMark (Mark Driscoll’s twitter name)

Dear Mark,

I have come to respect you as a leader in the Church. Though we disagree with some theological issues you raise, I have come to think of you as a great leader with a fervor for doing things for God’s glory and a magnificent church planter. I could only dream of having the latter gifting, but I do share your fervor for God.

All compliments addressed, I ask you to recant your comments about Obama. I would direct your attention to more than one prayer breakfast and multiple claims to Evangelical Christianity. The strange thing about our faith is that it is diverse, even the Evangelical sector. The Evangelicals all believe, at least in theory, that the Scriptures are our authority. Also, they place Christ in the center of the Faith. Obama has done both of those things. You need to at least qualify the comment that he does not believe in the Bible, which will invite a wealth of comments, even academic ones which deserve consideration. It also takes a wealth of insight to claim that he does not know God, something that I would be wary of anyone saying, even you.

I would urge you to take back the tweet that by now everyone has responded to. I also encourage you to look up video, audio, and transcript evidence in which Obama claims a vibrant Christianity. The last thing you need to do is try contacting Obama and state your grievances in true Christian love (This might be difficult, so do not fret over the last one if it does not pan out).

My fear for you is your slow descent into cultural fundamentalism, which is purely late-western modern ideology,  and your sudden show of a power over you, the politics of this world and not the politics of the world to come. Please hope in Christ and reflect Him. Consider divisive language of this nature of the devil. Do not oppose Romans 13 by making politics the main message of the Church. And try to ask why. Why do you think this way? Why do they think that way? Why do I think another way?

Also, to take your own approach, you need to be bold enough to say your against Obama. You’re not fooling anyone and God does not think what you’re doing is cute. Hiding behind a twitter handle does not make your more loving or prophetic. Sorry to be rougher in this paragraph, but it needs to be said.

And remember, it is more courageous for a man to be loving and seek understanding than it is to hate and attack, even if attacking passively. Jesus showed us that by example.

So, again, recant. Repent. Be more like Christ.

Grace and peace to you.
Your brother, R.P.


4 thoughts on “Letter to Mark Driscoll on His Comments About Obama’s 2nd Inauguration

  1. I can’t believe the naïveté and lack of scriptural grounding represented by R.P. and others like him. Let me get this straight: a man who totally supports butchering a baby that somehow survives an abortion. A man whose influence will be instrumental in the slaughter of millions more. A man who places his seal of approval on the very things God clearly condemns in Romans 1 and elsewhere (Ro 1:32). This man is a follower of Jesus Christ? This man reflects the one who said, “Suffer the children to come to me?”

    What must one do, R.P., before you would surmise one shows no evidence of salvation? And don’t give me the “don’t judge” mumbo jumbo. Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits.” That requires judgment. Driscoll said what millions are already thinking. And I am one of them. It’s people with your view that allow wolves right through the door. I guess Paul was wrong to call Elymas the sorcerer a “son of the devil,” or Peter was wrong to charge Simon the sorcerer with his “heart not being right with God?”

    If the church doesn’t get to the place that we are willing to call out a questionable profession
    of faith, then we are disobeying the Christ who commanded us to “judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24). How will the church ever call anyone to repentance when we won’t call sin sin? I hope Driscoll stands his ground.

    • Jay,

      First, I want to say I appreciate your honesty. You are right that there are things that we should critique in Obama. I’m with you on the abortion issue. I am pro-life, but let me add that I take my pro-life stance to war and capital punishment too. And let’s not stop there. Let’s take on promoting holistic living and better circumstances. I think of Mother Teresa and Jerry Falwell not just taking positions on no abortion, but personally helping women who were being forced by the system to even consider abortion.

      As far as your naivete comment. I must say that I know the passage you reference. But I also take seriously that Romans teaches in chapter 13 that we must treat governing people kindly with love and prayer. Though there is disagreement, I recognize that I must show Obama that I am no threat in the worldly, violent sense. I owe no one anything except for love. Also, I take seriously that all of man has Original Sin. Though I am saved by God, I still show falleness in my heart. I wait for the day when I am completely liberated from that. With that said, even the president is fallen and can make mistakes. That, however, does not in itself say that the man is not a born again Christian.

      Also, the judgment comment is complex. In Jesus’ day, judgement has multiple ways of being expressed (personal decision, legal judgement, deciphering morality of others, etc.). You need to be specific when you say what you said on judgment.

      Let’s not forget important facts. Abortions are down from the pasts 20 years. Also, just because a man says homosexual marriages should be allowed legal in the State does not mean he thinks it is a good, Christian decision. This get’s into personal decision and faith issues along with Church and state issues. And as said in Romans 13, we need to be good to ruling authority, regardless of their ideals. Also, John 7:24 is Jesus responding to critique of His unsavory actions during the Sabbath. Do you work, mow the lawn, drive the car, or even pick up something heave on Sunday? That might be reason for someone to critique you in this context. The verse is actually about discerning and interpreting Scriptures in a way that is more open to the root meaning rather that the strict letter of the Law. The wolves are the religious leaders that lay the heavy yoke of the letter of the Law.

      Also, “Love your enemy,” which was applied to political and military situations. You obviously see Obama as your enemy, though I doubt you’re planning violence. But I encourage you to pray for God to enlighten him on some things. I don’t see Driscoll as an enemy, because I love him in Christ. And he’s a great man of God. This is his one mistake, however, that he applies spiritual judgement of salvific quality to someone he does not know. The true judgement of salvation belongs to God alone. We are only called to witness His glory and pray for His mercy on everyone.

      Please note, that I grew up with your assumptions, but I now see that Christian conviction covers more things than Abortion and Gay Marriage. It covers war (Iraq and Afghanistan), stealing (Wall Street and Banks), etc. Obama has made some attempts to curb these two things, though I think he can do more. I beg you to consider these things. If you want to see the heart that God has for those things, read Deuteronomy.

      Thanks for posting, and know that I value your comment.

      Grace and peace to you.

      PS.- (I know this gets off of topics in my open letter, but I am trying to respond in a way that helps you understand my convictions about evangelical Christianity. I have a post on the four pillars of Evangelical theology, but you’ll have to wait until April 6.)

      • R.P.

        The culture is drowning in a sea of Political Correctness, and the church has also been heavily influenced by the PC mantra, “Don’t judge.” I believe those two words are Satan’s favorite tool. He uses them to muzzle the church from using her greatest weapon–truth spoken in unbending love.

        Was John the Baptist being “too judgmental” when he rebuked Herod for adultery? No! He openly judged a political leader with righteous judgment. Wrong judgment is when we judge a person without facts, presumptuously, and with no intent to restore them. Righteous judgment is exercised to clarify right from wrong, which is one of the purposes of preaching (Jer.23:22; Ezekiel 44:23).

        I don’t consider Obama my enemy. But I do consider his ideology and immoral world view an enemy and threat to what remains of the Judeo-Christian foundation of America (Eph.6:12). I am persuaded that, his having decided to make it his goal to essentially pressure and force America into his world view via the health mandate, hate crime legislation and so forth, his views should be plainly and boldly confronted with the truth of Scripture by a loving but firm church.

        Such confrontation is characteristic of the church throughout her history. The early Christians boldly confronted the evils of Rome. Martin Luther boldly faced off an apostate Catholic Church. The O.T. Prophets stood in the face of backsliding Israel and Judah. Jonah decried the sins of pagan Nineveh. I could go all day. No great revival at any time in history was absent the bold, loving, but unapologetic declaration of truth.

        Yet we now find ourselves in the toxic atmosphere of PC where any rebuke of evil is labeled “hateful.” And any disagreement with a backsliding, spiraling culture is called “bigoted.” And yet we have a man in the White House who seeks daily to normalize and even celebrate what Scripture warns provokes the wrath of God, and that history teaches will utterly destroy the land. We have a man who is actively persecuting the church via legislation that forces Christian involvement in abortion. Again, I could go on.

        And we’re to just look at the “good” he does and blink at the rest? I can’t abide that. The truth is under massive assault, brother. At what point will the church have enough and stand up? I sometimes wonder what Bible professing Christians are reading!

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