Flash Mob Spirituality

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Acts 2. I know that it is not the end goal of Christianity, but it does show a little about where we begin in our community’s witness.

One of the phenomenons today that is popular in the video community is flash mobs. The concept is based on a group of people getting together in a public place and reenacting a scene using music and/or dance. The trick to it is to not be suspected of being part of a flash mob until the time for performance begins. When the mob shows itself, the public is surprised and entertained, whether they like it or not.

Although we do not seek to just not be suspected, we do seek to perform in a setting where it can seem surprising to the world at large. It sometimes becomes a nuisance. In history the world has even suppressed Christianity because they did not buy into the status quo.

This is much of the case in Acts 2. The Church started as a surprise. When they began, the whole of Jerusalem was surprised. Some to the point of acceptance and joining in, some in pure shock, others in a state of denial and ridicule, all responded much like people do today to a flash mob (minus the persecution and killing).

Here are the questions this reality raises:
What type of religion are you participating in? Are you willing and disciplining yourself in to witness the King to the world? Are willing to do it even if it shocks everyone?