Laying Down One’s Life.

There is one thing that can always show passion in a person, giving up his life for something or someone.

There are two reasons a man will give his life: Greed or Love. Both are utterly terrifying.

What makes Jesus so terrifying to the world is that He is passionate enough to give His life in love for the world. No guns, no bombs, no IED’s. He is greater than that. Even in being fully human, an imminent death because of His passion did not scare Him. It’s hard to deal with that when you are trying to be part of the world. How do you deal with a person like that? You frame him and then kill him. You make him look like a threat, a rebel, and derelict. You make him unorthodox, blasphemous, and evil. You make him look demon possessed. The you put him to shame by putting him on the cross.

That’s the difference between the world and Christ. The world get’s scared over itself being threatened. It reacts with anger, violence, and hate because it wants to keep its status quo. Jesus threatens that. He brings love, peace, and kindness, and then he asks us to follow it. He asks us to take up our cross after we follow Him, something no self-respecting, greedy person should do.

But that is the problem, Christians are no respecter of the self, but of everyone else.

What do you find yourself being passionate about? Who’s passion do you join with, Jesus’ or the World’s?