Right vs. Left

I heard one day on the radio a Glen Beck segment on Jim Wallis. In his rant, he was saying that Jim Wallis was representing the liberal agenda creeping its way into the Church and that Conservatives needed to keep these guys out.

So Glen Beck says Jim Wallis is liberal invading the church. This is very confusing since Beck is part of the Mormon church, a sect that broke from Orthodox Christianity to follow their own way less than 200 years ago (please look up liberal in the dictionary). It is amazing how polarizing language can affect the rationale of people, even in the Church. We need to be careful when approaching a gospel that finds its basis in a political party. It does not work in the Church and is not a Biblical pursuit

The main problem is that this rhetoric against conservatives or liberals does not reflect Romans 13. Romans 13 starts us with the submission to those in authority out of good will and good conscience, but it ends with an interesting notion: Pay to everyone their dues so you do not owe them anything (or so that they have no true power over the direction of your life). It follows that up with urging Christians to only owe people love. This is the main point of chapter 13 and a major element in following Christ.¬†The One who showed us the greatest love is Christ. We follow in His way. The caustic language against the brothers and sisters we disagree with is not love, but it is leading to hate. When you associate love and hate with the proper entities, the first is of God and the latter is of the world. So who is your master, Christ or the world (and remember that you can’t serve both)? I would prefer to follow the one who has shown love despite any political stance.

This leads me to a site that I have grown to appreciate this election year. You should visit Don’t Let Them Hijack Jesus. In it people are making videos denouncing politicized Christianity. I have not made a video yet, but I look forward to seeing this style of Christianity take hold in America. I can’t wait for the future of the Church here.

What are you calling liberal or conservative? Are you being honest or belligerent? Is it worth pointing out in argument? Is it loving or hateful? Is it Christ centered or world centered?


2 thoughts on “Right vs. Left

  1. I’ve never understood the idea that Christians need to be either liberal or conservative. God Himself as to to be bigger than either label. I love what Jim Wallis is doing because even when I don’t agree with him, I find that by being questioned people tend to recognize their beliefs and consider them with more awareness. That is never a bad thing.

  2. You have linked to an interesting site.

    What do you get when you mix Christianity and politics? Politics.

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