On Flag Day

Today is Flag Day. A day started by Woodrow Wilson and instated by Congress soon thereafter. The holiday is honored across the country and even is the birthday of the Army.

Today, we remember this flag as a marker of a strong nation that has come a long way in democratic republic governing.

As a Christian, there is a word to say about this banner of freedom. In the Church’s mind two banners, one of the nation and one of the cross, must interact. This leads to a very crucial question. Where does my true identity lie?

For a Christian, the answer without a doubt is the Cross. Jesus never called us to take up the stars and bars. He called us take up the cross. And then he showed us how: forgiving, loving, and submitting. He did not go out spitting, yelling, and cursing.

Jesus showed us our true identity and showed us how to be just that.

So, American Christians, in light of this past decade’s events and in light of the teachings of Jesus,

Which banner do you most identify with, America or the Cross (which leads to resurrection)?