Holy Sunday (Palm Branches)

Lent this year has been a lent of failure. I was supposed to post every Sunday and record my Lent reflections. Apparently, my heart and mind is still not that disciplined.

But I return with a little reflection. Leviticus 23:39-40 speaks of the Festival of Shelters, where the people are called to grab palm branches and celebrate for seven days.

There is also the passage in John 12:12-13. Here the people hear of Jesus coming and grab palm branches. They begin the week in Celebration (This was during the Passover, which is not the same celebration, but the events make a point).

But for those of us who know this story know that it does not end well. Jesus begins to make challenging statements about the leaders, the institutions, and the people. By the end of that week, Jesus has been killed by the Jewish people, even though that week was supposed to be holy to God (which includes not shedding innocent blood).

That seems to be the story of God’s people sometimes. We make the promise to live in covenant with God, yet when we begin to struggle with God we begin to want to get away or lash out in violence. God’s call to obedience, submission, and love towards others is the hardest of callings. But know this,

In the end we are lifted with Christ,

Resurrected with Christ,

And loved by God with Christ.

In the end it works to accept covenant with God and fulfill it and even to celebrate your calling.

Grace and Peace.