Purpose vs. Capability

Much is said about capability. Even now it is coming close to election time and the air is filled with assertions that this or that candidate is either capable or not. All of us encounter this dialogue. Some seem to think that all you need is capability and you can do anything you need to if you have that.

Is that completely true? There seems to be something missing in that conversation. Is capability the only important thing, or is purpose something necessary to exist well also.

Purpose is the act of being driven despite capability. If one is just capable, he still has just an ability with no direction. The Christian life is filled with a calling towards purpose. This purpose which makes up the whole of Christian life is obedience to the King who is sovereign over this place and has a plan for humanity’s salvation.

Many people in the scriptures understood this fact and made it part of their purpose.

People like Moses,

and David,

and Deborah

and the Prophets,

and Abraham,

and Paul,

and Junia,

and John,

and Mary,

and Jesus.

All of these people had purpose and were highly honored among the believers, an honor that seemed to be connected to being driven by God. They were more than capable and God knew that. However, they would not have done what they did had they not followed the plan of God. Even where it seems that they did not have the ability, God seems to gift them with the ability. Which is very encouraging for all of us.

I challenge you to seek God’s plan, which is simply heaven being brought to earth. Follow it and live it with all your capabilities and you will begin to see what it is to live with purpose.

What do you believe is your calling? How does that fit into the Church’s calling? Do you want to capable or want to be driven by God’s plan for humanity?