My First Car

In the late 1990’s, I inherited a 1993 Mitsubishi Diamanté. I loved that car. Wood finish interior, V6 engine, 6 disc changer (it was before the age of iPods). I even installed new speakers for better sound. The only problem was the transmission, and that ended up being a cheap fix. Everything was easy and great in that car.

Now I am older and have a different car. It’s a Mitsubishi Lancer. It started off great, but I have had wrecks in that car. I have had problems of late with it. I have even started having to fix it and tune it. It is not easy and it takes time.

Sometimes we can be different from the Christians around us. Entertainment, practices, and even certain words can vary among Christians. It is not a bad thing, but we all sit in different chairs looking in different directions. We are different, but the same things which make up the core of the Church are still there, which is God’s Spirit working in us. Tuning. Fixing. We all break down in different ways. We develop sputters in our journey that need to be handled. We are also different vehicle than everyone else. We just run differently person to person

There is a lesson in all this talk about two different cars and how people are different. I just hope communities see it.

When you see someone who likes the weird movie or watches the cheesiest Christian movie you can find,

or the person who reads the crazy sci-fi novels or how-to books for Christians,

or is a pacifist or just war person,

or is saying weird things in a weird way or speaks in lingo everyone can pick up on,

or is into indie music or praise and worship music,

Know that God is working with him and driving him too. What you see is a vehicle that is always a work in progress. Always sputtering. Always breaking down. Always driving differently than the other. Some of us are easier to work with than others. Some of us go through hard times where we idle out and need to be started again.

We find it easy to call out the sputters of others, but when we recall our shortcomings and failures, we realize that at the core, we are also sputtering and breaking down.

Cars are different and so are people. Learn to celebrate differences.

Grace and peace.