Preachers in a Box

In the book of Numbers, there is a story of a couple guys who randomly start prophesying to the people of God. Everyone is getting nervous. They think only certain people are allowed to do this. Even Joshua thinks they should be stopped.

But Moses does not say that. Moses says, “I wish you all would Prophesy.” These are strange and humble words from the greatest prophet in the Old Testament.

Now jump to Mark and Luke, where the disciples of Christ are telling Jesus about people going out in Jesus name and doing great wonders. The disciples repeat history and begin asking their leader to stop them because these guy were not part of the officially designated group, something that Jesus immediately debunks as a myth.

This is story of the Church. We tend to try to idolize our leaders and turn down people of authority we think are different and not in our chosen group. Doctrines and practices get in the way and we think we alone hold the flame of the Spirit. Ordination ceremonies become the basis of the Spirit’s work.

According to Moses and Jesus, who is greater than Moses, this not true. The Spirit is not a pet in a box. It’s more like magnetism. Check out the video below for a creative portrayal of how magnetism supposedly works.

It is uncontrollable, moving through the boxes we build for it. People can tend to be out of our boxes, in our boxes, or both when filled with the Spirit. It does not matter if we think that their group holds no flame because the Spirit moves them and defines them. They prophesy, and if they do so in Jesus’ name we should let them be the magnetic waves of the Spirit.

Because those wave are unpredictable and not based on man’s doctrines.

Grace and peace.

When have you been challenged to believe the Spirit is more than you thought it was?