Unsettled Movings

In Numbers 9, we see the record of God resting as a cloud at day and as a pillar of fire at night on the Tabernacle. He also would lift up from the Tabernacle and start moving. Israel was required to move and settle with God. It must have been a very difficult since God would sometimes stay one year and then sometimes just overnight. They even get reminder with trumpet blasts in chapter 10.

We Christians also experience the same with God. How often have we enjoyed the work of God only to find God showing us other things that he has moved into another place. We get very tempted to think that once God settles on a certain time or tradition, that place is where God will stay.

I have seen God move into many places.

In America, but also in the Middle East.

In Wesleyan Churches, but also Baptist and Anglican Churches.

In modern worship with no liturgy, but also in ancient worship liturgy (I have also him in a mix of the two).

God will go to the most unexpected place and settle to do a specific work. He does that with indefinite time frames too.

If you are comfortable with what God’s is doing right now, you might be surprised when God starts jumping and shifting. Boxes of theology and doctrine do not hold Him any better than our hands hold water.

Instead of us trying to hold God in our place, we should allow God to hold us and lead us around as He moves.

(This post should be coupled with the fact that I believe in limited personal calling where most are called with a general calling. Specific calling in the Biblical sense is for very special times and places. But then again, it’s my opinion)

What times have you sensed God moving?