New Life Among What Is Dead

The picture that is above is from beside my house. You would be amazed at the beauty that a flower no bigger than my finger nail brings when the yard is full of them. It reminds me of Revelation 21:5. John sees all these great things. He also sees very violent images.

Yet in all of this the Lord promises to make all things new. John saw this evidence in a world full of death and destruction. If you were to look around my duplex, you would see many trees that are bare still from the effects of last Fall. The death in the area looks much larger and stronger than the little specks of purple life that are coming through the ground. You can’t help but wonder if the little flowers will make it.

In the end, we know that all the area will be filled with life, because we know that these little specks are the evidence of life to come. So it is with the Christian faith. The faithful now are the little specks and the World is the big evidence of death. Like John, we can be tempted to think that we will not make it. But we have God’s promise. He is making all things new. We will see, one day. Just take comfort that John saw the Truth and that same truth will set us free.

What evidence of new life in a dead world have you seen lately?


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