Eucharist Prayer

Richard Foster gave an interesting call to those who are concerned with Eucharist. My tradition has failed the tradition of Wesley in that most churches I have been to only meet the minimal quarterly requirements (some do not even meet that). Some have lazy leaders, to whom I say wake up, for the day of the Lord is coming and will act swiftly against you. Some, however, are fearful. They have read 1 Corinthians 11:20-30 and think that they are treating the Lord’s Supper in such a way as to cause “damnation.” They might feel unworthy and want people to feel the immensity of the Supper by having it little. Here is the quote from Foster:

Do not hesitate because you feel unworthy; this Meal is expressly for the unworthy! Come! Eat! Drink! – Foster, Prayer

Some still do no understand it. They find it confusing and troubling. To them I quote C.S. Lewis:

The command, after all, was Take, eat: not Take, understand – Lewis, Letters to Malcolm

And to those who have been burned by the arguments and situations in talks about Communion or situations surrounding Communion, here the words of Saint Maximus the Confessor:

Christ is truly present among us, and his life is truly imparted to us, but how it all works is a holy mystery. – Saint Maximus the Confessor

I pray that my home denomination, Wesleyan, begins taking seriously the Lord’s Supper. We claim to follow Wesley, an Anglican. Anglicans take Communion at least once every week. Take courage and know that the Table is open to those who seek to come to God. Take courage that we are simply called to take part in this. Take courage in that this thing is higher than our understanding, which only means we are participating in something bigger than we can comprehend.

So tear the bread, pour the wine, and say the words.

And let the people take with want, eat with passion, and drink with yearning for the grace and power of our Lord and Savior.

Grace and peace to you all.