Prayer, Obama, and the Christian.

I found an interesting post on prayer and Obama recently on the Catalyst blog. I really appreciated the post and the balanced Christian view on how to approach a politician you might have an issue with. It is important since it is an election season to remember that you might disagree with any politician eventually, regardless of party affiliation. It is also important to remember that they might be Christian.

We might be tempted to quote passages about the shortening of the Presidents days, but we are not judges over the hearts of men. However, we do have the Spirit inside us of the Prince of peace. We should pray as Jesus did and as Paul urges us, for benefit of others, even if we disagree with them.

When Paul told Christians in Romans 13 to obey the authorities it was in the presence of a pagan government and an Emperor who called himself a god. There was plenty of disagreement, but the Christian hoped for the good of the ruler. Today is much better. Christians have more freedom to worship and have a president that claims the same faith. He claims to be a brother. Now we have the responsibility to pray not only for a ruler, but a potential brother in Christ.

So let us pray. Pray that god blesses and guides this family. Where he is right, pray for affirmation. Where he is wrong, pray for conviction. Let us also pray for our own hearts and the fallenness that exist within our own hearts. We all have bad ideas, beliefs, and desires that are in need of change. Wish grace and peace to those who you might consider the enemy.

I am not saying to agree all the time, but I am saying to watch the language and make sure that it is building up the president to be better. This is going to be much harder for some (like Catholics) because of the recent mandates on birth control. But God has asked us to be a church of prayer and of goodwill. So let us live out that command.

Grace and peace to you all.