The Lord, A Stranger

These words came to me yesterday. I do not know why because they do not show how I feel. Maybe they are for someone else or for me later. I hope it flows well in your ears as it did mine.

There are days I feel I do not truly know the Lord.

He is distant, absent, missing.

But on those days, He is like the stranger

Who attends the funeral of your Grandfather or Cousin.

You do not know Him,

yet his words bring love and comfort.

Oh, how sweet are the words of the Stranger.

I do not mean that God is distant like a deist. However, our emotions can lie to us. God invades those moments and comes to us. We are always pursued, no matter what part of life we face.

Grace and peace to you all.


One thought on “The Lord, A Stranger

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It is beautiful. Perhaps it could have been me that needed to read that today. Going through a health trial for 5 mons with no diagnosis or treatment is taxing. Some days it is hard to connect to our Lord. This feeling you describe is right on. I am trying to keep my faith and to keep pressing forward toward Christ, not away from him.

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