Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus Response

This video by Jeff Bethke has caused much conversation in the online world. Watch the video. Now think.

Some of you are critical and others are supportive. To the critic, take some time really digest what this young man means by the term religion (despite technical argumentative fallacies). He’s hitting a street term, slang, common language. I see problems, but I get where he is heading.

To the supporters, there are issues with the abolish religion approach, mainly that Jesus came not to abolish the Law of our scriptures (a religious document). Jesus has comments that sound more like reform, something very familiar to our faith. So listen to Jeff’s points, but with a grain of salt.

Jeff, if you ever read this, keep up your work. Also, work with the rest of us to tune up the religion conversation. Work in community with Jesus and His followers, right?