Reflections on Lent (Sunday #1)

I’ve been going through a few readings during this lent season. On top of the normal Scripture readings is Richard Foster’s Prayer, Ben Witherington’s Jesus the Seer, and Ceil and Moishe Rosen’s Christ in the Passover. I have had no great epiphanies about life, the Church, or Christ yet, but I am being reminded of different prayer types and different ways to practice them in the Christian faith.

I mentioned on Ash Wednesday the idea of turning lent inward and focusing on inward repentance instead of outward material symbols. That is what I am doing this year. I’m hoping God shows me much revelation and grace in this. Who knows, maybe I’ll understand the resurrection better. I’ll keep updating on Sunday what I have learned the previous week.

I wish you all a Lent full of reflection and revelation.

Grace and peace.