Ash Wednesday

Today, I ready Leviticus 6:11 as part of my devotions. Although this section is about the Israelite sacrificial system, I find it odd that we are in Ash Wednesday today and ashes are mentioned here. (please read the passage)

This day is a sacred day. Like the sacrifices of old, it is based on repentance away from sin and towards God. As you approach the finger that will apply the ashes to your forehead, remember that the finger of God is applying revelation to your heart, revelation that we are not a perfect people. We begin today the season of Lent. We begin the period of reflection, submission, and in the end celebration for what we have received.

Today, begin the Lent practice of giving up something temporarily to hear God more clearly. If you cannot find something material that stands in the way of your coming towards God, try turning it inward. Even religious people who practice all the disciplines of the Church can have something in their hearts standing in the way of connection to God.

May you see God. And may you experience Him in Lent. May you carry the ashes proudly today as you find humility. And at the end of this season, may we all come together to eat, drink and be merry, for the Lord of Lords has risen.