Us vs. Us

I wanted to quickly post considering todays events. Let me start by saying that this is not a moment to vent about being a pacifist, or to celebrate justice done. It is a call to prayer. I will list things in a few stages for some people.

Stage 1: Thankfulness

Although some of us have problems with this country on some level, whether it is inconvenience or moral problems. One thing is true, it’s so much easier to express our beliefs and live in tolerance of other people here. Thank God for allowing this country to exist. It’s not the perfect country and it’s not exactly the Nation of God, but it is helpful to Christians and other religions. Take time to give thanks.

Stage 2: Pray for Peace

Whether you are a pacifist or a just war type, one thing that we all admit is that war is part of a problematic world of evil. We all have the dream to beat our knives into spades one day. Let’s ask God to bring that to this earth swiftly. Peace is our goal.

Stage 3: Pray for those like you

Pray that those like you to try to gain perspective. We may disagree on some issues here, but we all can admit that we can use a little better perspective on current issues. So pray for those in your camp that think completely like you. Pray that you all can journey together towards the Kingdom of God and away from the kingdom that we have created, broken and imperfect.

Stage 4: Pray for those who disagree

There are people out there who would go fist to cuffs over some of the things you have thought or saying. We all have different opinions. I tend to stray pacifist, but plenty of my friends stray more toward believing in Just War’s (which means that a just cause should drive us to a just war). I want to say that I think that we should just sit and listen when someone else wants to talk. It’s something I’m fighting to learn. Something I am fighting to accept. But I pray for both sides, whether it has been tough or easy to be what you are today.

Stage 5: Pray for the Enemies

This is the toughest thing of all to do. When we think of an enemy today, some of us may think that our enemy deserves death. That it’s proper to kill and never forgive. I want to challenge you be saying that Jesus always seemed to push for forgiveness. “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” Some are thinking that a day is coming for the “crime” that was committed today. Though I am not touching that subject today, I want everyone to know that God transcends the pacifist and just war people. He transcends the boundaries of Arab and American. He knows now Republican, Democrat, or Independent. He doesn’t care if we wear a ball cap or a turban.

God sees His humanity.

He sees His image.

He wants better things for us since he sees himself in us.

He is the truest form of loving others as himself.

If you want love to win (sorry, Rob Bell, I had to steal the title today), let love conquer you and take you to the place you don’t want to be. Just remember that when you get there, you may find that you belonged there this whole time.

Read, Reflect, and Pray.

Grace and peace to you all.

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