The Creation Dilemma.

There is an issue in the conversation between the secular people and the Church that still exists.

Evolution vs. Creation

We’ve seen it for awhile, and I must say it seems to get ugly at times. We even had a court case over using it in schools. As a Christian, I’ve struggled with the evolution idea. It’s a complicated idea and the word itself is very ambiguous.


With evolution, we first of all mean change, which is good. There is a theory called Evolution that talks about nature changing over long periods of time, but it can be a diverse conversation (it is a theory, so you can almost make anything you want of it).


The popular view of this point is that God created it, ’nuff said. I applaud taking Scriptures seriously. But I think that creation is a very peculiar story with things that scientifically make no sense. Man comes from dirt? An order of creation that defies all scientific law? What is going on?

Bible Views (Simply Put)

Many people exist between simple Creationism and Atheistic Evolutionism. I am here to tell you that they both repeatedly miss the point of Scriptures. It is the debate of literal versus metaphor. No one has been free from this since the Scriptures were put into text in the 300’s AD. I think that we have been missing something.

How many of the evolutionists reject the Bible, but they seem to take the command to look after the earth to the next level? And how many Creationist seem to put creation care on the back-burner?

Instead of talking in terms of the literal or metaphorical point of the two Creation accounts, why don’t we talk about the liturgical point of Scripture (liturgical |liˈtərjikəl|:adjective: of or related to liturgy or public worship)?

Questions to consider?

Why is the creation accounts in Genesis?

What does it mean since Genesis is in the book of the Law of Moses?

Are the books of the Law about how to think or more about how to live?

Before you start talking about how people think about the Creation, how are you living it out? God had a point with his making man. It’s not enough to believe that it happened. It is actually a declaration of how to live.

So go back,



Then live it out!

Grace and peace to you all.


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