“Hey! I Was Using That.” (James 5)

I don’t have much to say on Chapter 5. If you want to understand why Paul is bashing the rich people in verses 1-6, go read my views on the previous chapters, which are on this blog.

Verses 7-18 are a symbol of the Christian hope.




Act now!

We are actively wait and anticipating the end which has already begun.

Verses 19-20 is an endnote, but an important one. I could get into a rant about how you can lose your salvation, but I’m not. All I will say is that we should treat others in such a way that they either feel right and good about entering into our faith (or returning). This is the same as before. Although God will judge all, the world will judge as well.

Read, think, and live love.

Grace and peace to you all.