Old Dreams and a New Thing.

I was listening to a song today. It was a song originally written by Nine Inch Nails titled “Hurt.” Fortunately, I wasn’t listening to a bunch of twenty somethings sing like they had years of life experience in hurt. I was listening to and watching the video of the version performed by Johhny Cash. (To understand where this is going, watch the video here.)

I can’t help but notice the years of experience in life are the ones who have been there. I keep thinking of the story of the guy who went to a pastors retreat led by a more progressive church. The pastor was not part of this congregation and was fired by the pastor who was over him for going to the retreat. It was harsh. The people at the retreat heard of the matter and took up a love offering for the man. Later, the man was asked by his friends in the church to preach at a backyard BBQ.

They loved it.

The man in charge of the retreat wanted to give warning to the guy as he eventually spoke in an abandoned opera house that couldn’t hold everyone who wanted to come. He caught himself. He decided not to play the cynic like many people do. It seems as if many who are older need to be reminded of the hearts of younger people. Although they need to be pulled back to reality and how things work, the younger ones also need to be encouraged to see if their dreams can exist in society and even make it better.

Another person who so happened to be 30+ years old and married was sitting to coffee with someone else who was in the first 7 years of marriage. The younger person kept rambling about how the spouse would not let him do his own thing. He wanted separate bank accounts, she did not. He wanted to go hang out with friends all the time, she would ask him to stay some nights. He would want to work 60+ hours a week, she would ask him to stay with the kids. The old man heard these complaints and others. He couldn’t help but notice how the young man was restless and wanted to live out adventure and see things that were new.

The older man had an idea.

“You want adventure and to conquer things that seem to draw fear from most, but how much do you fear settling down with your family? Or can you not see how much newness there is to every day family life. Marriage can be new, your kids always surprise you, and your wife can bring you new fresh ideas and adventure that you could not dream about will await you if you are open to them. You will have grandchildren one day. What stories do you wish to tell them? What wisdom would you want to pass down to them?”

Old and Young…

There is value in both.

We need each other.

We need to respect each other.

We need to come together.

Grace and peace to you all.