Mono’s and Spreading words.

Okay, so my title is a bit unclear. I basically shortened the word Monotheist, which is basically someone who believes in one god. This includes some big guns in world religion, specifically Judaism, Islam, and Christianity (which is funny, because they are very closely related)

The spreading words part comes from words that have been spread about Muslims. I’m not a Muslim. I’m a Christian. And there are parts of history that make it seem logical that I hate the Muslims (though, this approach has to pull those certain moments completely away from calmer eras of Church History, specifically the early church). I have recieved emails and facebook posts about how Muslims are evil, want to kill everyone, or just can’t be good americans. On behalf of monotheists, I’m scared for my own faith. On behalf of Americans, I am ashamed and appalled.

I’ll start with the view that Muslims are evil. I’m very careful with this word. A good portion of the Church in North America throws this word around too freely. Everything from stealing a penny from someone to performing mass genocide is called evil. Although sin is evil, the word evil is said with such intensity about many things that I think the nature of the evil of the actual act is lost along with the context of the one sinning. My faith would say its against God to not worship Christ and that denial of Him as Lord is evil in a sense, but we also understand the context of other faiths and realize that we must peacefully evangelize. Calling people evil in a militant manner just is NOT helping things. So if you have a bullhorn and only yelling that they are all going to hell, you might be right…

but, oh, how you are wrong (in your actions).

The second point is about Muslims wanting to kill everyone. This simply is not true and comes from many who have not fully engaged the Middle East or the Muslim religion. It’s one thing to read the Qu’ran, but its another to hear the Muslim interpretation of it. There are decent and level-headed leaders in Islam who explain a relatively peaceful view of their faith. Also, to be fair, there is plenty of evidence to be used against Christians saying that we are a violent religion. And most of the time verses come up that support violent causes, but it’s odd that most of those verses are not considering the bigger context and the reasoning behind them. I wonder if there are certain groups of “scholars” and printers of certain evangelistic tracts that are making up a religion that isn’t Islam.

The third point is about Muslim not being able to be good American (or what ever country you represent). To this I say, “Seriously? You want another Cold War? Why are you thinking so madly?” Sure, there may be parts of the Qu’ran that seems to support that view, but Christianity is not so different. If we worship a King who is King of all kings (meaning that he is king over other kings and rulers) then our “sovereigns” are not necessarily sovereign according to our Scriptures. So, should we subvert American rule? No! If you read other parts of Scripture, then that view is done away with.

I wonder if Muslims have the same thing?

Instead of quickly buying into a fearful attitude…



and understand.

I’m not saying to not evangelize. By all means, do just that!

But evangelize with love and understanding.

Grace and peace.


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