Middle Eastern Concerns

I noticed some things on an article online (Another explanatory article of Iranian politics here). They are pictures of the current unrest within Iran. This unrest might be what eases the American nuclear concerns, but like most international struggles, we’ll probably forget this. Remember that we had our own concerns throughout history. First through the debates concerning the votes of colored people, but also in the Bush vs. Gore election. The level of the failure within the system was at an undefinable level which no one now can figure out. What is important is that the American people began to seek ways to hear everyone’s vote and discover the consensus of the American public. We went through our beatings of those we saw as different and challenging. But today we have progressed past fire hoses and the unrestrained usage of batons and bullets.

The problem, it seems, with Iran is that they are at the stage where the challengers to the status quo are being slighted. Many of the pictures depict college students which is a spark of hope for the future of that country. The country could be at a breaking point and at a time of change or a time of failure. The one thing that struck me was the first pictures of the protesters who support the reformist party (supporters of Mir Hossein Mousavi). Then showing how the conservative party (supporters of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) beating the reformists, but later there are some pictures of some reformist protesters protecting a riot officer who might have beat some of the protesters. Some of the reformists might have gone awry and abandoned peaceful protests, but there were some who protected him.

I haven’t studied on the challenger to the current president, but I noticed the polls showed a substantial lean for him over the president. We will just have to see what happens. I would just encourage people to pay attention instead of feeling safer since they will not have to worry about a nuclear explosion. Any smart leader would never fire a nuclear weapon knowing that his own people would not survive the aftermath. Even the fundamentalist of Islam would hold back (although there are a good number I fear would not think about that since they are willing to die). Just pay attention and know that we need to deliver whatever good and helpful things to the “righteous”. The Torah would by far support the ones who are being slighted. Even Jesus was partial to those who were slighted, even those who were not considered followers of his Father. These are just things to look at. Make sure to look at the pictures and see that the pacifists seem to be closer to God in helping someone who is suppressing them rather than the fundamentalists who are acting in violence

Just some food for thought.

Grace and peace to you all.