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Yeah, I decided to do a political rant. I have been talking to some people about the ballots. Some of you will notice that in North Carolina, the absentee ballots have only three listed nominees. To some, this is not problematic. But let’s put our thinking caps on for a few seconds. Has anyone really looked into any of the other candidates? Do you know who they are? This is a question that is too easily ignored. I was able to visit my alma mater, SWU, and see many people sporting GOP signs during the primaries, and during this volatile election year I have seen many a spirited Democrat or Republican speak very emotionally and adamantly about how the Republicans are the reason why America is tired of the government or why the Democrats will ruin everything that we have done in the past eight years. 

I’ll start this by stating that the Democrats and the Republicans are not the extremist here. They both share much more than they differ on. Now some will rail me on what the candidates have said, but let’s think on this, NAFTA, Iraq, Afghanistan, Abortion, and the Economic Bailout all have been shared on different levels by both parties. On a practical level, NAFTA was passed, we voted for the war on terrorism, both parties have not ended the need for any kind of abortion, and the bailout proposed by Bush sound like a very democrat move. 

All this is to say that no president is able to make a dent in legislative matters without congress and the house. That doesn’t include the justices in the Supreme Court and their decisions on how a law is interpreted in contemporary society. 

If you are Republican, why not look at the Libertarian party. If you are a Democrat, take a look at the Socialist party. Everyone should look at the Green party and the Independent parties. There are more parties as well. 

I’m not informed about any system flaw that blocks the other candidates from having their names on a ballot. But the fact remains that I think other candidates should be heard by the public. Majority is always able to take care of itself, but the minorities need laws to bring them into the light. Such a move by our country would bring more accountability, and would end the lip service of the democrats and the republicans (the lip service goes for you voters too). Personally, I’m unaffiliated. I think that is best for the people who think they should vote for the better candidate. It keeps someone from being swayed from some false sense of responsibility towards a certain party.

So keep looking out there and think, do I REALLY think that McCain or Obama is the better candidate, or do you even know who else is running. Maybe one day we will see all the candidates on the ballots. This would be more than a third party, but up to sixth, maybe even an eighth party. This would make it difficult for a debate, but as masterful as the first presidential debate this year was, I think it can be done.


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  1. Or we could have a system like many other countries (England and Israel, for example), where there are elections at unpredictable intervals, generally called just a few weeks before they happen. That would cut out a lot of the excess related to national politics.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. It seems as if I’ve voted for the lesser of the 2 evils since Bush SR. It seems the more money and influence you are able to attain, the better chance of getting elected. “D” town. The prices were higher, the produce was awful, and it was dirty. Another grocery store came in and prices dropped, produce was fresh, and the store was cleaned. I don’t think the 2 major parties really compete, I think they are all in bed together. If an lesser known party with Godly values would be able to be given a REAL chance, I bet both parties would listen to the voters a little more closely.

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