Love the Girl

I was just thinking about some things lately. I’m usually not an uber-excitable guy. I tend to keep quiet half the time. I usually like to make sure what I say is worth saying. Sometimes though a good thing comes along that changes that. I want to be everything a woman dreams a man to be. I know a lot of guys that don’t care about that. I just wish every woman could have a guy that would give up anything and everything for her.

I have heard guys who have girlfriends oogle and drool over woman that are on tv or jogging on the sidewalk. I have to say to you guys, eventually it comes out and the girl sees you for who you really are. These are the same guys that get married and wonder why they are living a wrecked marriage. So what if I watch some skinny 19 year old run down the beach on MTV. I’m not bangin her. I’m just watching. Guys, that doesn’t help.

Here is what a girl hears. “I know I’m supposed to be with you and love you. But this girl looks better than you. You have become second best to me, and I just don’t want to share this with you. I want to please myself instead of letting you please me” (Girls, you can expand a little in the comments if you want to). Yes, she hears that. And although the gals can have their share of faults, that doesn’t license us to intentionally fail.

Genesis paints the picture a little better. When Adam first looks at Eve,




It doesn’t go into how hot she looks. It only shows that he sees his mate, and says, “she is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.” The word bone here is also understood as substance or self. The word flesh is a connotation of blood relation of sorts. And although his naming her in such a way may be done in some sort of way, he is actually naming her his equal. She is not lesser than him so that he can treat her less than him, nor is she better than him, and, as I think Paul is hinting at, to be over him in authority (I say that because Paul was a well educated Jew and would have been taught such the position on this was a mix of social commentary saying where we are and where we should be).

So how are you treating your woman?

Are you worried about her feeling loved and being brought up to equality with you?

Or are you worried about yourself getting what will make you feel satisfied, in control, powerful, manipulative, etc.?

I think we need to be aiming ourselves at loving others more than ourselves, even our women, especially our women. Stop being caught up in the ways of the empire that say you should be caught up in filling yourself with the breads of ill-gotten gains. Worry about giving your earnings and your rights and your agendas to God and others. Don’t give in to the rebellion that says fight for you rights to party and be your own man. Give in to service and love.

Promote peace, promote grace, promote God’s love to others, even the ladies (can I hear it for the girl power in the hizzouse.)


5 thoughts on “Love the Girl

  1. Good entry baby!

    I really don’t think guys realize that their drooling over “hott” girls on tv really affects the girls around them.
    And the media is at fault for a lot of it. It is because of these women on tv (Victoria’s Secret models etc) that we “real” women often struggle with ourselves. We see men drooling over these tv women, & then we feel like we have to live up to their expectations. Then men wonder why a lot of women have problems with their self-esteem??
    It’s because the world expects us all to look like a Victoria’s Secret girl!

    But I love you baby! And I thank you & respect you for the way you treat me & all of the other women in your life. YOU ARE A GREAT MAN!! đŸ™‚

  2. Powerful thoughts!

    Just a thought though. The media (and many girls I know) do the exact same thing to us guys. They go see a movie just because “so and so” is in it. They moan and wail about some hot celebrity every time his name is mentioned. That has the same power on our self-esteem as well. Women, please give the men in your life the same respect too. It’s a two-way street.

  3. I think you’ve opened a can of worms on this one — it’s an important topic, for sure.

  4. Good post.

    I have to agree with Cody. I think girls tend to drool over guys as much as guys over girls. I’ve heard numerous girls (even ones that are in relationships) say that “that guys a hottie” and even “I can look as long as I’m not touching it’s ok.” Seems that guys are silent yet break their necks to get a glance, and girls are vocal but are portrayed as the gender to act on lustful feelings.

    The first glance is appreciation for the beauty God has placed in a person. The second is lust.

  5. I’m going to get one for the girls too. Believe me, I might step on some toes in that one as well, just remember that we got to keep doing the better things and not give in to be like the norm everyone else expects from us.

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